(2) Unreal Engine 5.5 Metahuman Skit – YouTube

  Quote from comment section is awesome: Ok, a few tips: the basic visual detail is now pretty much perfect, leaving you with the ‘next job’ that you need to deal with as a director, which is the ‘human’ side. In close shots, this is all about one thing, ‘reactions’. Just ask yourself three simple […]

DataMesh Director | DataMesh

Leveraging existing 3D assets like CAD/BIM files, DataMesh Director enables quick 3D Digital Twin content creation with PPT like drag-and-drop experience. With out-of-the-box support of IoT data binding, remote collaboration, one-click cross-platform content publishing, DataMesh Director users can create job SOP, support guide, 3D product manual, and real-time monitoring of robots and equipment, greatly improve […]

Batteries: how cheap can they get? – by Auke Hoekstra

I predict that long before 2030 we will have long lasting batteries for less than $50/kWh everywhere. Your house will get a 20 kWh battery costing just $1000 that will earn itself back in less than three years and make sure your electricity use never peaks during the day, that your voltage hardly fluctuates, and […]

Manna – Table of Contents | MarshallBrain.com

With half of the jobs eliminated by robots, what happens to all the people who are out of work? The book Manna explores the possibilities and shows two contrasting outcomes, one filled with great hope and the other filled with misery. Source: Manna – Table of Contents | MarshallBrain.com

A Decade of Metal: The Early Years (2014–2019) – Metal by Example

In 2014, when Apple introduced the Metal graphics API, the landscape of computer graphics APIs was dominated by long-established standards like OpenGL. Seismic shifts were afoot, however, with the announcement of DirectX 12 a few months prior and the initiative that would produce Vulkan starting to take shape. These parallel efforts signaled a significant shift […]

DJI ban passes the House and moves on to the Senate | Hacker News

Skydio exited the consumer market. Their drones had good autonomy and flight characteristics. However, they struggled with wireless link quality due to the use of consumer WiFi, and had much older, inferior camera sensors compared to even contemporary DJI drones. They were also ridiculously loud and inefficient. Their enterprise drones are comically expensive and loaded […]

Cyber Scarecrow

When hackers install malicious software on a compromised victim, they first check to make sure its safe for them to run. They don’t want to get caught and avoid computers that have security analysis or anti-malware tools on them. Scarecrow takes advantage of this, by running in the background of your computer and ‘faking’ these […]