DJI ban passes the House and moves on to the Senate | Hacker News

Skydio exited the consumer market. Their drones had good autonomy and flight characteristics. However, they struggled with wireless link quality due to the use of consumer WiFi, and had much older, inferior camera sensors compared to even contemporary DJI drones. They were also ridiculously loud and inefficient. Their enterprise drones are comically expensive and loaded […]

Cyber Scarecrow

When hackers install malicious software on a compromised victim, they first check to make sure its safe for them to run. They don’t want to get caught and avoid computers that have security analysis or anti-malware tools on them. Scarecrow takes advantage of this, by running in the background of your computer and ‘faking’ these […]

M1 Mac + Dell Monitor Flickering Issue Fixed – S2722QC – USB-C – Monterey : r/Dell

I have found a permanent solution. Thanks to a post from MacRumors, I was able to stop flickering on my U3223QE completely. I have turned off GPU Dithering on my MacBook Pro M1 Pro using BetterDisplay. Now, I can have dark mode and night shift with any color profile and avoid any flickering. So […]

The One Billion Row Challenge in Go: from 1m45s to 3.4s in nine solutions

This article describes the nine solutions I wrote in Go, each faster than the previous. The first, a simple and idiomatic solution, runs in 1 minute 45 seconds on my machine, while the last one runs in 3.4 seconds. As I go, I’ll show how I used Go’s profiler to see where the time was […]

Law of triviality – Wikipedia

The law of triviality is C. Northcote Parkinson’s 1957 argument that people within an organization commonly give disproportionate weight to trivial issues. Source: Law of triviality – Wikipedia

Python Notebook to Learn Music Processing

The FMP notebooks offer a collection of educational material closely following the textbook Fundamentals of Music Processing (FMP). This is the starting website, which is opened when calling Besides giving an overview, this website provides information on the license and the main contributors. Source: C0

ongoing by Tim Bray · Parable of the Sofa

my first thought was “crap, gonna have to buy a sofa”. But Lauren said “No, because new sofas are junk. Also, Luxcious Source: ongoing by Tim Bray · Parable of the Sofa

War Safety – Home Assistant Config by Denys Dovhan

This is what war in the 21st century looks like: you can practically monitor a missile or a drone that is trying to kill you right from your phone. This is like a Black Mirror episode in real life. 😅 Source: War Safety – Home Assistant Config by Denys Dovhan