How We Built a Custom Permissions DSL at Figma | Figma Blog

When you click on the “Share” button in a Figma file, the share modal pops up, which controls who can access the file and their corresponding level of authorship. There are two main ways to access a file: through a role and through a link. Roles are hierarchical, so you might have access to the […]

CyberChef is “the Cyber Swiss Army Knife—a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis”—entirely client-side JavaScript with dozens of useful tools for working with different formats and encodings. Source:

GitHub – yhlleo/RoadNet: RoadNet: A Multi-task Benchmark Dataset for Road Detection, TGRS.

A multi-task benchmark dataset for the paper: RoadNet: Learning to Comprehensively Analyze Road Networks in Complex Urban Scenes from High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Images, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (TGRS, IF: 5.63), 2019. [paper] | [code] | [dataset] Source: GitHub – yhlleo/RoadNet: RoadNet: A Multi-task Benchmark Dataset for Road Detection, TGRS.


Algorithmica is an open-access web book dedicated to the art and science of computing. Source: Algorithmica #HPC High Performance Computing

Algorithms for Modern Hardware – Algorithmica

This is an upcoming high performance computing book titled “Algorithms for Modern Hardware” by Sergey Slotin. Its intended audience is everyone from performance engineers and practical algorithm researchers to undergraduate computer science students who have just finished an advanced algorithms course and want to learn more practical ways to speed up a program than by […]

It’s not about the 30 percent –

I was happy to oblige, but I think back now on their inability to understand all the frustrations I tried to express during the call about App Review and Apple’s general attitude towards developers. Even bluntly saying, “No one likes working with Apple anymore. We do so because we have to,” was met with an […]

The Reddits | Y Combinator

So I called Steve and Alexis and said that we liked them, just not their idea, so we’d fund them if they’d work on something else. They were on the train home to Virginia at that point. They got off at the next station and got on the next train north, and by the end […]