City In A Bottle – A 256 Byte Raycasting System | Killed By A Pixel

However by accepting a nearly imperceptible slant, we can simplify and just divide i by half the number of pixels and subtracting 1 to normalize between -1 and 1. The value 4e3 was chosen to move the horizon below center. You can play around with these values to see how it effects the result. Source: […]

TinyPilot: Build a KVM Over IP for Under $100 ·

The tool was so fully-featured that I assumed Max simply forked it from a more mature project, but I was mistaken. This maniac wrote his own video encoder in C just to squeeze the maximum performance out of Pi hardware. I quickly donated to Max and invite anyone who uses his software to do the […]

The Worst Website in the Entire World | Hacker News

This is literally enterprise software in a nutshell. If you’ve ever wondered what the “Enterprise Application Server v21.5™ now with AI, Chatbots, LDAP, Active Directory Integration, Orchestration, and Web 3.0” experience looks like, this is it. Source: The Worst Website in the Entire World | Hacker News

Adobe Photoshop Source Code – CHM

When brothers Thomas and John Knoll began designing and writing an image editing program in the late 1980s, they could not have imagined that they would be adding a word to the dictionary. Source: Adobe Photoshop Source Code – CHM

Machine Unlearning in 2024 – Ken Ziyu Liu – Stanford Computer Science

As our ML models today become larger and their (pre-)training sets grow to inscrutable sizes, people are increasingly interested in the concept of machine unlearning to edit away undesired things like private data, stale knowledge, copyrighted materials, toxic/unsafe content, dangerous capabilities, and misinformation, without retraining models from scratch. Source: Machine Unlearning in 2024 – Ken […]


28~7nm 技术节点光刻成像误差容限更小,因此先进计算光刻必须建立“矢量”光刻成像理论、非零误差、多目标、全视场成像理论,以及先进、快速的算法。先进计算光刻可获得更加匹配实际光刻系统所需的光源和掩模结构,减少工艺迭代周期,最终实现高分辨、大焦深、高保真的光刻成像。 Source: 北理工李艳秋教授团队《先进计算光刻》出版|掩模|光学|偏振|记者|小说家|量子计算机|李艳秋(主播)_网易订阅