Internet Search Tips ·

Over time, I developed a certain google-fu and expertise in finding references, papers, and books online. Some of these tricks are not well-known, like checking the Internet Archive (IA) for books. Read more

Uber’s Crazy YOLO App Rewrite

The mobile platform team has been working on the project for a few months, coming up with RIBs, a new architecture we’re using for the project. For the program teams – the ones building features -, the work started a few weeks ago. Read more

Neural networks in the photogrammetry

Photogrammetry — this is discipline with wich technologies usage you can make 3d-models from photos. You just need several (but better more) captures of object, interior or exterior, then pass them into software and got 3d-model. Read more

James Stoteraux

There were 55 students in my incoming class at Columbia’s MFA Film program. Only 4 of us ever managed to make a career out of it. And of those 4, one guy dropped out the first semester. Funny enough he’s the most successful one having co-directed Avengers Endgame. Hi Anth Read more


题图来自东方IC,本文来源:华夏基石e洞察(ID:chnstonewx),原文编自《企业成长导航》,分上篇与下篇。作者:苗兆光博士,华夏基石咨询集团业务副总裁兼成长企业研究中心总经理; 施炜博士,华夏基石领衔专家、中国人 Read more

Apple to Decentralize From Silicon Valley

Just a few years after completing the multibillion-dollar Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple Inc. is ramping up efforts to decentralize out of Silicon Valley. Read more

Google Dataset Search : Hacker News

We can understand structured data in Web pages about datasets, using either Dataset markup, or equivalent structures represented in W3C’s Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) format. Read more

Building a personal website in 2021

This is by far the hardest part. All the other stuff: it’s just tangential. WordPress, Blogger, Jekyll, Hugo, Medium, hand-written HTML files: IMHO it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have any content. Just use whatever is easiest to get started with and gets out of your way when writing. Read more

Know Your Bet – 我们在下注什么?

在一些关键的时间点,所有的文字阐述都是冗余,让我们学习Just Market的做法,用图表来诠释观点,把抒情和感叹流到最后。 Read more