Hacker News folk wisdom on visual programming

I’m a fairly frequent Hacker News lurker, especially when I have some other important task that I’m avoiding. I normally head to the Active page (lots of comments, good for procrastination) and pick a nice long discussion thread to browse. Read more

The Untold Story of SQLite

Adam:Hello and welcome to CoRecursive. I’m Adam Gordon Bell. Each episode of CoRecursive, someone shares the fascinating story behind some piece of software being built. Read more

Open-Sourcing Pulse

Pulse is now open-source. It includes the frameworks, the document-based apps for viewing the logs, and the demo projects. There are two main reasons for open-sourcing it. Read more

AI boost for standard cell layout at 3nm

Nvidia has used reinforcement learning and other types of artificial intelligence to boost the automated layout of its standard cells in advanced process nodes at 5nm and 3nm. Read more

Budget-Friendly Drone Mapping Software (Cheapest Options)

Regardless of whether you’re an individual or a corporate entity using drones for a variety of uses, mapping is one of the biggest applications for drone technology up to date. Having an eye in the sky allows quick turnaround times, typically quicker than an on-the-ground inspection ever would. Read more

RSSman X

RSSman X is a project that composed several useful services to help you build an excellent RSS experience. Get drown in modern Internet life? You may need RSS to take you out of the information sea. RSS is an old tech developed in 1990s. Read more

Patrick Metcalfe

Ever need to customize how a swift object encodes/decodes? iOS 15 lets you declare configuration objects to change the behavior of an object’s Codable implementation. And a new property wrapper makes the call-sites really clean. (I just discovered it) https://t.co/LKI90pQL Read more