Leaving LinkedIn | Hacker News

My career lesson is that being right isn’t the hard part of being a senior staff engineer. Being right isn’t enough. It’s building alignment across the entire org towards the right solution. That’s the hard valuable problem that I’m paid to solve. Source: Leaving LinkedIn | Hacker News

The SwiftUI Field Guide

We built this website to visually explain how the SwiftUI layout system works Source: The SwiftUI Field Guide

有没有人解释下Sora原理? – 知乎

从披露的信息来看, OpenAI并未使用新的模型架构,类似GPT一样, 这个Sora模型基于 Diffusion和Transformer 结构, 扩大模型规模,并提供更加丰富的训练数据,像另一个GPT3一样,大力出奇迹的搞出了Sora这个大杀器,下面根据披露的信息尝试解读下 Sora背后的原理 Source: 有没有人解释下Sora原理? – 知乎


Old vs. New Growth Trees and the Wood Products they Make Source: WOOD

How video games use LUTs and how you can too

Look-up-tables, more commonly referred to as LUTs, are as old as Mathematics itself. The act of precalculating things into a row or table is nothing new. But in the realm of graphics programming, this simple act unlocks some incredibly creative techniques, which both artists and programmers found when faced with tough technical hurdles. Source: How […]

Michael Tsai – Blog – iMessage With PQ3

Apple’s encryption may be quantum-computer-proof, but it’s not lawmaker-proof. And that’s a weak link that absolutely will be exploited, someday. E2EE is a luxury that can be snatched away in an instant, a false sense of security in an increasingly dangerous world. Source: Michael Tsai – Blog – iMessage With PQ3