Today is Launch Day 🚀 Introducing OldOS — iOS 4 beautifully rebuilt in SwiftUI. * 🎨 Designed to be as close to pixel-perfect as possible. *📱 Fully functional, perhaps even usable as a second OS. * 🗺️ Fully open source for all to learn, modif Read more

Cory Benfield

Are you interested in working with us on cool Swift server projects, with a healthy dollop of open source and community engagement? Do we have the job for you! Read more

Dariusz Darrarski

Are you developing #iOS apps on #AppleSilicon #M1 and struggling with third-party dependencies that do not support #SwiftPackageManager and #arm64 simulator arch? I might have a #swift solution for you 🙂 Read more


Visualize and schedule thousands of interdependent tasks with this Gantt chart component and its Vue wrapper by @bryntum. It’s fully customizable and ships with advanced features like export to PDF, zooming & filtering ✨ – Read more

Nick Lockwood

One of the frustrations when collaborating on iOS projects is having to manually merge changes to Xcode project files. My colleagues at Lightricks just open-sourced a tool we built to automatically resolve Xcode merge conflicts. Check it out! Read more

David Pogue

This new app from Brickit scans your heap of random old Lego pieces…and produces a list of things you can make with them. Including step-by-step instructions! Read more


看完这篇《专访|何雨珈:如何做一名自由译者 Read more


XiangShan (香山) is an open-source high-performance RISC-V processor project. Detailed documents will be released in the near future. Read more