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  • Docker Hub

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  • 中国排名前50的上市公司人均薪酬超10万

    A股排名前50的中国上市公司人均薪酬超过50万元(约10万新元),上市公司平均薪酬15.46万。 Read more

  • 5 things I learned while developing a billing system

    Half a year ago, I joined Pleo, a FinTech startup with around 15,000 customers (we’re always hiring at Pleo!). I joined to take on and further develop the billing infrastructure. When I joined, I was actually a bit concerned about the narrowness of the new role and the new team. Read more

  • 美联储怎样预测宏观经济?

    本科毕业后,我曾经在美联储的一家分行工作,我最重要的任务就是在每次FOMC会议(这是美联储的政策决策会议,后面会讲)之前,制定一个有着几百个变量的未来两三年的经济数据预测表,也就是题主所说的,“每个季度, Read more

  • Ideas Filter

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  • Kill the Newsletter!

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  • Daisy

    朋友圈里不少做外贸的,最近高频率抱怨是海运费变成了天价,原来深圳到洛杉矶40尺高柜1500美元,现在7500美元😂 Read more

  • COMMENTARY: Weaponizing financial regulation

    The spirit of President Joe Biden’s inaugural address declaration “a cry for survival comes from the planet itself” will animate this administration’s policy. Americans should be afraid, very afraid. Read more

  • LeoCAD – Virtual LEGO CAD Software

    LeoCAD has an intuitive interface that is designed to allow new users to start creating new models without having to spend too much time learning the application. At the same time, it has a rich feature set that enables experienced users to build models by using techniques that are more advanced. Read more

  • 第一台“华龙一号”核电机组投入商运

    《人民日报》(电子版)的一切内容(包括但不限于文字、图片、PDF、图表、标志、标识、商标、版面设计、专栏目录与名称、内容分类标准以及为读者提供的任何信息)仅供人民网读者阅读、学习研究使用,未经人民网股份有限 Read more