Dissecting the Apple M1 GPU, part I

Apple’s latest line of Macs includes their in-house “M1” system-on-chip, featuring a custom GPU. This poses a problem for those of us in the Asahi Linux project who wish to run Linux on our devices, as this custom Apple GPU has neither public documentation nor open source drivers. Read more

Is Apple silicon ready?

Buy Me A Coffee Is Apple silicon ready? The complete guide for MacOS Apps Optimized for M1 Apple Silicon MacBooks Share on twitter Request an app Native M1 support Rosetta 2 only Not working All apps Browsers Developers Design Music Video Production Photos Productivity Create my list (0) ✅ Full Read more

Comparing iPhone OS 1.0 with iOS 14 using tree maps

If you followed the recent Apple events, you probably saw a picture of the A14 and M1 dies… that got me thinking about what you would see if you could pass iOS under X-Rays… In my previous article about the evolution of the programming languages from iPhone OS 1. Read more