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Emojineering Part 1: Machine Learning for Emoji Trends – Instagram Engineering

We’re often asked about the meaning of emoji such as ????. Intuitively, substitutable words have similar meanings. For example, we might say that “dog” and “cat” are similar words because they can both be used in sentences like “The pet store sells _ food.” In the field of natural language processing, this intuition is called the distributional hypothesis ????. It...


现年60岁的王健林,近年与阿里巴巴创办人马云不断争夺中国首富宝座。今年3月,福布斯发布2015全球富豪榜公布,王健林以242亿美元,击败马云(227亿美元,约1,759亿港元),重夺中国首富宝座,这受益于去年底万达商业地产在港上市和今年1月万达院线A股上市,令其身家暴涨。而与王一起发达的还有中共领导人的家人。   Source: 习近平温家宝家人投资王健林生意细节曝光(图_加拿大家园网