Swift By Emoji: A considered approach — Erica Sadun

srez/ at master · david-gpu/srez

ManoMarks/docker-swarm-visualizer: A visualizer for Docker Swarm Mode using the Docker Remote API, Node.JS, and D3

ruslanskorb/RSKCollectionViewRetractableFirstItemLayout: A light-weight UICollectionViewFlowLayout subclass that allows the first item to be retractable.

diwi/PixelFlow: A Processing/Java library for high performance GPU-Computing (GLSL). Fluid Simulation + SoftBody Dynamics + Optical Flow + Image Processing + Particle Systems + Physics +…


jordidekock/Colorblinds: Colorblinds is an easy to use library so simulate color blindness in your app

arvindhsukumar/PredicateEditor: A GUI for dynamically creating NSPredicates at runtime to query data in your iOS app.

A tour of Postgres’ Foreign Data Wrappers Craig Kerstiens

Split82/iOSMemoryBudgetTest: Small iOS application which tries to allocate as much memory as possible to crash. After that you can run the application again to see how much memory was needed for crash and when all the memory warnings happen.