Paul Reynolds on Twitter: “Fellow AR industry folks: let’s make it a goal for 2019 to build such amazing, widely appealing things that the 2+ year old “Pokémon GO” isn’t immediately mentioned in every introductory AR conversation.”

FAIR at 5: Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research accomplishments

Making machines truly intelligent is a scientific challenge as well as a technological and product engineering challenge. A significant part of FAIR’s research focuses on fundamental questions about the keys to reasoning, prediction, planning, and unsupervised learning. And in turn, these areas of investigation require better theoretical understanding in fields such as generative models, causality, high-dimensional stochastic optimization, and game theory. These long-term research explorations are required to unlock the full future potential of artificial intelligence. Of all the projects we’ve tackled over the past five years, we’ve picked a handful that show how FAIR has approached its mission, contributed to our field, and made an impact on the world.

The interactive timeline gives a nice overview of AI development over the years

Source: FAIR at 5: Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research accomplishments

simctl – NSHipster

If you have Xcode installed, simctl is accessible through the xcrun command (which routes binary executables to the active copy of Xcode on your system). You can get a description of the utility and a complete list of subcommands by running simctl without any arguments:

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老员工从优酷离职:股票期权黄粱一梦 内部矛盾爆发|优酷|土豆_凤凰科技


Source: 老员工从优酷离职:股票期权黄粱一梦 内部矛盾爆发|优酷|土豆_凤凰科技





Source: 蘑菇街被指稀释股权,老员工期权不如别人年终奖,已有员工提离职_36氪

厦门市民个人信用“白鹭分”发布 覆盖诚信生活各领域 -本网原创 – 东南网



Source: 厦门市民个人信用“白鹭分”发布 覆盖诚信生活各领域 -本网原创 – 东南网