likedan/Awesome-CoreML-Models: Largest list of models for Core ML (for iOS 11+)

FloydHub 初体验_博闻滚动新闻


令人苦惱不已,頭皮發麻的 Facebook 年度黑暗大事記 – INSIDE 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察

Saying “No” with Grace • Jocelyn K. Glei

Lumen – Mixed reality storytelling device by @ArvindSanjeev

IAIK/meltdown: This repository contains several applications, demonstrating the Meltdown bug.

Computer latency: 1977-2017

Matthew Inman on Twitter: “Ever been in a design meeting with multiple people? Remember that idiocy is multiplicative, not additive. A half-wit combined with another…”