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Its initial aim was to “attract and utilize foreign capital, introduce advanced technologies, and adopt advanced and scientific international practice in operation and management.”[6] It now owns 44 subsidiaries including China CITIC Bank, CITIC Limited, CITIC Trust and CITIC Merchant (mainly banks) in China, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Source: CITIC Group – Wikipedia


1、首先这个事情在昨天大家基本都有预期了,只是要关哪个之前还是众说纷纭。 因为基于最基本的外交对等原则,我们是必然要关的。

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科创板是科技创新板的简称,是上交所新设立的股票板块。 在主板市场上市的企业多为大型成熟企业,具有较大的资本规模以及稳定的盈利能力,所以主板市场定位为给大型蓝筹企业提供融资服务。

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This vein visualization technology uses near-infrared light, which is absorbed by blood but reflected by the surrounding tissue, to locate veins up to 15mm deep, and then projects the results back on the skin. pic.twitter.

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A Game of Doves and Hawks

Try Brilliant’s Computational Biology course: Primer on Patreon! to supporters on Patreon, especially:Vladimir Duchenchuk, Victor Anne, Noah Healy, Zachariah Richard Fournier, Patrick Gorrell, Jordan Scales, Jacob M

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