Felix Krause on Twitter: “🔓 Sandboxed Mac apps can record your entire screen at any time, without you knowing. Running the screen through simple OCR software, this allows the attacker to access personal information, like emails, messages, API keys and mor

James Wong on Twitter: “Studying the genes of sweet potatoes shows Pacific Islanders visited The Americas at least 500 years before Columbus. What is even cooler? You can also show this voyage across the Pacific just by plotting local names of the crop on

别了房奴!国家紧急出手,楼市再响惊雷! _中金在线财经号

A-Painter performance optimizations

esimov/caire: Content aware image resize library

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The Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine

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Ken Klippenstein on Twitter: “In the US, the debate about how to improve wages seems to revolve around the electoral system rather than labor unions.”