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A list of Recruit Groups companies can be found on this page. Group Companies that have expanded globally can be found according to business segments. We aim to provide everyone with an unprecedented encounter. Glassdoor too. Source: Group companies | Recruit Holdings

Hacking with private APIs on iPad |

The best way to interact with native iOS API on iOS itself is Swift Playgrounds. It supports most built-in frameworks and you can pretty much write anything you want using the app. Source: Hacking with private APIs on iPad |


集“亚洲糖王”、“酒店大王”、“粮油大王”、“传媒大亨”众多名衔于一身的马来西亚首富郭鹤年,是华人商界最低调、也最成功的殿堂级企业家之一。 Source: 穷得舔锅的1973年,他如何为中国赚得500万美金?|界面新闻 · JMedia