Hyperledger Fabric – Hyperledger

Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework implementation and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation. Intended as a foundation for developing applications or solutions with a modular architecture, Hyperledger Fabric allows components, such as consensus and membership services, to be plug-and-play. Hyperledger Fabric leverages container technology to host smart contracts called “chaincode” … [Read more…]

Effect of an Interruption on Risk Decisions | Journal of Consumer Research | Oxford Academic

Consistent with our theoretical framework, this interruption effect disappears when a stimulus’s subjective novelty is restored after an interruption. We further find that these consequences are often unique to interruptions are often do not result from other interventions Source: Effect of an Interruption on Risk Decisions | Journal of Consumer Research | Oxford Academic

新加坡规划之父刘太格:“八零后再创业” 传承规划硬功夫-新华网

刘太格:现在规划有一种说法是,一个好的规划一定要朝向未来,而且一定是要用高科技,我不太认可。我认为现在规划的最大问题,是对今天人的基本需求理解不充分,这也就是为什么现在会出现城市病。如果眼下的问题解决不了,一味朝向未来就显得好高骛远。人口老龄化这个问题就是今天面临的,不是未来的问题。当然我对运用科技也很在意,但运用科技对于规划本身来说是锦上添花,并不是一个好规划的根本。我的理念是从人的基本需求出发,融合文化、历史、地理等基本因素,扎扎实实的做好规划。我问过很多人,两条快速路之间的最佳距离是多少?很多人答不出来,这就需要对城市情况、车流以及周边设施等基本要素进行研究,并结合大量实践经验才能得出。所以你问我接下来要实现什么想法,就是按照我的理念,与我的团队一起为更多城市做出好的规划。 Source: 新加坡规划之父刘太格:“八零后再创业” 传承规划硬功夫-新华网

“新加坡又如何呢?”——全世界最佳公共住房项目的成功经验 | East Asia & Pacific on the rise

哈佛大学经济学家埃德·格莱泽曾说,经济学提供的是具体策略而不是战略,这意味着政府必须就向诸如公共住房领域提供多大支持作出决定。新加坡政府对公共住房领域的支持不仅强大,而且很稳定,这意味着政府向住房和发展局提供了大量公共补贴(2017年达11.9亿新元)。 Source: “新加坡又如何呢?”——全世界最佳公共住房项目的成功经验 | East Asia & Pacific on the rise

Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself – Silly Bits

My quality bar for code dropped from, “Will we be able to maintain this for the next 5 years?” to, “Can this last until I’m promoted?” I didn’t file or fix any bugs unless they risked my project’s launch. I wriggled out of all responsibilities for maintenance work. I stopped volunteering for campus recruiting events. … [Read more…]


无水港是如何提高运输效率,降低运输成本的呢?我们来研究一下无水港的工作模式。无水港不临江海、没有船舶,货物是在无水港内“一站式”完成订舱、报关、报验、签发提单等一切通关手续,相当于把海港搬到了内陆,然后通过海铁联运的方式将货物运送到沿海港口,集装箱就可以直接装船出海。因为省掉了一系列复杂环节,大量的时间和运输成本就节省了出来。[4] Source: 无水港_百度百科

Deep Reinforcement Learning Doesn’t Work Yet

Deep reinforcement learning is surrounded by mountains and mountains of hype. And for good reasons! Reinforcement learning is an incredibly general paradigm, and in principle, a robust and performant RL system should be great at everything. Merging this paradigm with the empirical power of deep learning is an obvious fit. Deep RL is one of … [Read more…]