一款基于Google Material Design设计开发的Android客户端,包括新闻简读,图片浏览,视频爽看 ,音乐轻听以及二维码扫描五个子模块。项目采取的是MVP架构开发,由于还是摸索阶段,可能不是很规范。但基本上应该是这么个套路,至少我个人认为是这样的~恩,就是这样的!

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Spatial Interfaces — Elepath Exports — Medium

I think spatially, and so do you. Can you scratch your left ear without looking? Pick a booger out of your nose, without poking your brain? Remember where you left your keys? Can you type, without looking at your keyboard? Know which pocket your phone is in? Which way is up? Do you know where the bathroom is? Of course you do! We imagine multi-dimensional models in our minds, to help understand the complex world around us. We can also leverage this powerful way of thinking, to process more abstract informat

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How Apple has Shaped the User Interface

Between the revolutionary Macintosh and its foundational mobile products, perhaps no single company has left a larger impression on the science of user interface design than Apple. In the 30 years since the original Mac, Apple has reinvented its design and interactive approaches for each new device and form factor. From Apple II to Apple Watch, here are the ways Apple has reshaped the user interface.

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WebODF is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to add Open Document Format (ODF) support to your website and to your mobile or desktop application. It uses HTML and CSS to display ODF documents.

Word Processor in a browser.

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Most applications show lists of content (data sets), which many turn out to be empty at one point, specially for new users with blank accounts. Empty screens create confusion by not being clear about what’s going on, if there is an error/bug or if the user is supposed to do something within your app to be able to consume the content.

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