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Prior to the release of iOS 8, mixing Auto Layout with view affine transformations was a shady business: some configurations just didn’t work as expected, so it was mostly avoided or worked around (this Stack Overflow question on the topic has been quite popular). But soon after iOS 8 was released it became apparent that one of the many changes Apple introduced was how Auto Layout and transformations interact. To illustrate, here are two screenshots of the same app running on iOS 7 and iOS 8:




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为第三方扩展创建 Swift 模块

实际上,如果使用 Carthage 的话,即把第三方扩展作为 Framework 引入,会导致无法支持 iOS 7,但是 Swift 本身是支持 iOS 7 的, 在编译命令和生成的文件中检查发现,对于 iOS 7,Swift 使用了纯静态模块编译的方法。所以其实我们引入第三方扩展的时候也可以这样做。

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How to Get Employees Excited to Do Their Work – HBR

Inspiration is not something to be left for the annual company kickoff. There are opportunities every day: when you want to empower a team member to take ownership of a project, when you want your feedback about someone’s performance to stick, when you’re communicating change, etc. Being a leader who persuades others through inspiration starts with connection. Greater empathy and relevance leads to growth, increased motivation, faster action, and real results. Use the Communicator’s Roadmap before your next

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Emojineering Part 1: Machine Learning for Emoji Trends – Instagram Engineering

We’re often asked about the meaning of emoji such as ????. Intuitively, substitutable words have similar meanings. For example, we might say that “dog” and “cat” are similar words because they can both be used in sentences like “The pet store sells _ food.” In the field of natural language processing, this intuition is called the distributional hypothesis ????. It can be applied to emoji by treating them as if they are normal words.





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