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We’re often asked about the meaning of emoji such as ????. Intuitively, substitutable words have similar meanings. For example, we might say that “dog” and “cat” are similar words because they can both be used in sentences like “The pet store sells _ food.” In the field of natural language processing, this intuition is called the distributional hypothesis ????. It can be applied to emoji by treating them as if they are normal words.





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What’s Important Enough to Be Visible?Because there’s not a lot of space on mobile screens, not everything can be visible in a mobile UI. This makes mobile design challenging. Unlike the desktop where big screens allow us to squeeze in every feature and function on screen, mobile requires us to make decisions: what’s important enough to be visible on mobile?

Answering that question requires an understanding of what matters to your users and business. In other words, it requires good design.

Source: LukeW | Obvious Always Wins

Negotiating for Hostages, Negotiating for Business

This applies to the semantic difference between “that’s right” and “you are right”. “If you think about it in your own life, when you say ‘you’re right’ to someone, you are just trying to get them to go away,” said Voss. But following the psychologist Carl Rogers and his person-centered theories, Voss said “that’s right” suggests “a different psychological reaction” – something closer to empathy, a feeling that the speaker feels they are being respected. “‘That’s right’ indicates they feel you understand them,” says Voss. And at that point a deal becomes possible.

Source: Chris Voss: Negotiating for Hostages, Negotiating for Business