A Hallway of Doors — Prolost

Is there stuff beyond these doors you should be using? Or is it safe to ignore them? If you open Color Correction first, you might think that every door has a big, powerful room behind it. If you open Playback first, you might think each door is just a pantry.It’s hard for us developers to realize that people are terrified of using our apps wrong.

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C Callbacks in Swift

With Swift 2, it is now possible to do this fully natively in Swift. C function pointers are imported into Swift as closures. You can pass any Swift closure or function with matching parameters to code that expects a C function pointer – with one massive caveat: unlike closures, C function pointers don’t have the concept of capturing state. As a result, the compiler will only allow Swift closures that do not capture any outside state to be bridged to a C function pointer. Swift uses the new @convention(c) notation to indicate this calling convention.

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