The primary goal of this plugin is to disable the original Fix Issue button, as it has side effects, like sometimes revoking your certificates and with it all its provisioning profiles. This is especially a big problem when working in a bigger team: Someone clicks the Fix Issue button and revokes the other profiles. This … [Read more…]

Auth0 Architecture – Running in Multiple Cloud Providers and Regions – High Scalability –

Authentication is critical for the vast majority of apps. We designed Auth0 from the beginning with multipe levels of redundancy. One of this levels is hosting. Auth0 can run anywhere: our cloud, your cloud, or even your own servers. And when we run Auth0 we run it on multiple-cloud providers and in multiple regions simultaneously. … [Read more…]

xcode6 – How do I add certificates for OS X Server 3.2.1 with Xcode 6.0.1 – Stack Overflow

Troubleshooting Xcode server signing identity Portal.keychain   #!/bin/sh importP12() { P12FILE=”$1″ XCS=”/Library/Developer/XcodeServer”; XCBIN=”$XCS/CurrentXcodeSymlink/Contents/Developer/usr/bin”; PORTALKC=”$XCS/Keychains/Portal.keychain” PORTALKCS=”$XCS/SharedSecrets/PortalKeychainSharedSecret” sudo security -i <<IMPORT unlock-keychain -p “sudo cat $PORTALKCS” $PORTALKC import “$P12FILE” -k $PORTALKC -T “$XCBIN/xcsbuildd” -T “$XCBIN/xcscontrol” -T “$XCBIN/xcodebuild” -T /usr/bin/codesign lock-keychain $PORTALKC IMPORT } echo “Please enter your account password:” for p12 in “[email protected]” do importP12 “$p12” done … [Read more…]