Catalog of 122 open-spec Linux hacker boards

Welcome to the 2019 New Year’s edition catalog of hacker-friendly, open-spec SBCs that run Linux or Android. Here, we provide recently updated descriptions, specs, pricing, and links to details for all 122 SBCs. Source: Catalog of 122 open-spec Linux hacker boards

深度学习实践文档检测 – 知乎

以上的代码,包括训练代码、训练图片、图片合成和预处理代码、iOS App代码我都放在了这里:RRanddom/tf_doc_localisation,其中iOS App项目执行pod install时,会在安装OpenCV过程中消耗非常长的时间。 Source: 深度学习实践文档检测 – 知乎

Bringing iOS Apps to macOS Using Marzipanify

At WWDC 2018 Apple gave us a ‘sneak peek’ at perhaps one of the most impactful developments on macOS since the transition to Mac OS X: UIKit apps running on the desktop. Today, I’m going to detail a special tool I built, called marzipanify, to get started with UIKit on the Mac early, and start … [Read more…]

The real reason Dyson’s swapping Brexit Britain for Singapore , World News – AsiaOne

The Singapore-owned Meiban, headquartered in Singapore and employing 4,000 staff across 16 production sites in China, Singapore and Malaysia, is one of Dyson’s key manufacturing partners. Flex, founded in the United States, has three sites in Singapore and a presence in a further 30 countries. Both companies work with Dyson in supplying parts for products … [Read more…]


Machine Learning Roadmap 🤖 Python examples of popular machine learning algorithms with interactive Jupyter demos and math being explained – trekhleb/homemade-machine-learning Source: trekhleb/homemade-machine-learning

中国人口这么多,为什么顶端人才比不了西方? – 知乎

最近和一个北京的老同学聊到北京,我说:“北京的踩踏效应太严重了!”她问什么是踩踏效应,我说“比如一个十条赛道的跑道赛跑,比赛百米,如果有十个运动员跑步,那跑第一名的无疑是跑步最快的,当然也有运气成分,但是实力起到决定性作用,但是如果赛道里塞一百名选手,跑第一的大概率不是跑最快的那个,而是运气最好的那个。赛道太拥挤,实力受到牵绊,反而是比较会阴谋诡计使绊子的那个人可能胜出的几率大。我的老同学兴然同意我这个山寨理论。 Source: 中国人口这么多,为什么顶端人才比不了西方? – 知乎