Daring Fireball: De Facto Veto Power

As for how Apple can simply do what it wants, consider the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council: the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia. They each have veto power over any resolution. Critics complain that this veto power is undemocratic. Of course it is! These are the countries that won World … [Read more…]

Conway’s law

organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations Source: Conway’s law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chukong Technologies – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2008, Gary (Guanqun) Liu, a Chinese technologist and software developer, created CocoaChina.com, an Internet forum for Chinese developers to discuss iOS development related topics.[4] In 2009, Haozhi Chen, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, invested in the forum and established Chukong Technologies as a mobile gaming development company with Liu. Source: Chukong Technologies – … [Read more…]

GROWTHVERSE | Marketing Landscape

Growthverse was built for marketers, by marketers, with input from more than 100 CMOsExplore 800 marketing technology companies (and growing) Source: GROWTHVERSE | Marketing Landscape

2015 暑假小结 – 羡辙杂俎

技术是变得很快的,而且在哪里不能学技术,而业务不但变得快,而且不同公司不同团队差得也很大,换个地方可能就用不到了。而真正能长远有了解价值的,永远是人。 Source: 2015 暑假小结 – 羡辙杂俎

Mastering the tvOS Focus Engine – Airbnb Engineering

Any seasoned iOS engineer will feel at home in UIKit on tvOS—but don’t let the platforms’ notable similarities seduce you into believing they are the same. Apple has made it easy to port your iOS app to tvOS. But if you don’t consider how your application will interact with the focus engine from the outset, … [Read more…]


  我和马云是大学同学,毕业就拿了结婚证。马云不是个帅男人,我看重的是他能做很多帅男人做不了的事情:组建杭州第一个英语角、为外国游客担任导游赚外汇、四处接课做兼职、同时还能成为杭州十大杰出青年教师……然而,婚后很长一段时间我都处在一种惶恐中,因为他的意外状况层出不穷。   http://dy.163.com/wemedia/article/detail/B27L972G051185C7.html