Is it possible to run the hector_quadrotor demos in kinetic? – ROS Answers: Open Source Q&A Forum

I installed the kinetic following the Debian instructions. I found the hector_quadrotor indoor slam tutorial here:… I tried installing ros-hydro-hector-quadrotor-demo, but that package was not found. I tried following the wstool instructions, however when I ran catkin_make I got the output listed below (I’m not sure how to make it more concise): [ 0%] … [Read more…]

ServiceRobots/navigation at master · GRASP-ML/ServiceRobots

This collection of packages aims to provide robust, laser-based, indoor navigation capabilities for a turtlebot mobile robot platform. robust_navigation: Provides launch files and configuration files for navigation packages robust_controller: Provides actionlib-based controller with the same interface and move_base, but with more robust recovery options map_labelling: Provides services for semantic labeling of locations hector_navigation: A subset … [Read more…]

为什么四轴飞行器火了,而直升机没有? – 知乎

上周刚刚给px4折腾了个直升机模式。现在可以自豪的宣称,天上飞的固定翼,多旋翼,直升机的控制我都写过了。倒是大约是稍稍有点资格回答一下这个问题了。(先挖坑) Source: 为什么四轴飞行器火了,而直升机没有? – 知乎