The way to build a great anything — a product, a company, a book, a blog, an app, a service, a movie, anything — is not to obsess over not making mistakes. That leads to paralysis. Try to avoid mistakes, sure. But recognize that you’ll inevitably make some, and create a culture and work ethic … [Read more…]


Settings screen composing framework Quick and easy way to make a settings screen. Source: DavdRoman/Bohr


Manage an S3 website: sync, deliver via CloudFront, benefit from advanced S3 website features. Source: laurilehmijoki/s3_website

Creating perfect App Store Screenshots of your iOS App — Felix Krause

To sum up, the problems with existing techniques: Wrongly scaled screenshots resulting in blurry font Not using the correct device frames for the various screen sizes Screenshot doesn’t show the screen the user will actually see (iPhone 6 Plus user interface should look differently than iPhone 4) No landscape support No Mac App Support Source: Creating perfect … [Read more…]


Inspired by and based on commander.js, Vantage turns your live Node app into a CLI with an interactive prompt provided by inquirer.js. Accessible locally or remotely, Vantage lets you build your own API and import community extensions, introducing the possibility of live activity and diagnostics for your dev and prod environments. Source: dthree/vantage


Access Xcode Server API with native Swift objects. Supports Xcode Server API of Xcode 6 and 7. Source: czechboy0/XcodeServerSDK