Auth0 Architecture – Running in Multiple Cloud Providers and Regions – High Scalability –

Authentication is critical for the vast majority of apps. We designed Auth0 from the beginning with multipe levels of redundancy. One of this levels is hosting. Auth0 can run anywhere: our cloud, your cloud, or even your own servers. And when we run Auth0 we run it on multiple-cloud providers and in multiple regions simultaneously. … [Read more…]

xcode6 – How do I add certificates for OS X Server 3.2.1 with Xcode 6.0.1 – Stack Overflow

Troubleshooting Xcode server signing identity Portal.keychain   #!/bin/sh importP12() { P12FILE=”$1″ XCS=”/Library/Developer/XcodeServer”; XCBIN=”$XCS/CurrentXcodeSymlink/Contents/Developer/usr/bin”; PORTALKC=”$XCS/Keychains/Portal.keychain” PORTALKCS=”$XCS/SharedSecrets/PortalKeychainSharedSecret” sudo security -i <<IMPORT unlock-keychain -p “sudo cat $PORTALKCS” $PORTALKC import “$P12FILE” -k $PORTALKC -T “$XCBIN/xcsbuildd” -T “$XCBIN/xcscontrol” -T “$XCBIN/xcodebuild” -T /usr/bin/codesign lock-keychain $PORTALKC IMPORT } echo “Please enter your account password:” for p12 in “[email protected]” do importP12 “$p12” done … [Read more…]


Eleven Player is a simple powerful video player. App Store: Eleven Player Support m4v, wmv, 3gp, mp4, mov, avi, mkv, mpeg, mpg, flv, vob format You can transfer video files via itunes or wifi Enter any HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTP address play network streaming or live Source: coderyi/Eleven


有一个老头,正在草地上放羊,忽然走来一个年轻人,年经人走到老头面前说:老先生,我可以为您服务,我将告诉您您的这群羊有几头,作为酬劳您需要给我一头羊。 老头还未作答,年青人就开始了工作,年轻人用笔记本电脑无线上网,链接上NASA的内部网,调动低轨道卫星,把卫星遥感成像的图片再通过软件分析,数十分钟后,年轻人再次走到老头面前:老先生,您的羊群共有763头。说完后他抱起一只羊就要走。 老头这时叫住了年青人:年青人,如果我能猜出你的职业,你可不可以把酬劳还给我? 可以,年轻人答。 你是咨询师,老头说。 年轻人很惊讶,您怎么知道? 老头笑了:因为你具有该公司咨询人员的所有特点啊,第一、你不请自来。第二、你告诉我的分析结果是我本就知道的。第三,你根本就不懂我的羊。好了,现在把我的羊还给我。   — Internet joke