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When Bret Victor came in for his first day of work as a “Human Interface Inventor” at Apple, he found an iPad sitting on his desk. It was August of 2007. The original iPhone was only a couple months old. iPods still generated a third of the company’s revenue. The App Store didn’t exist. Source: … [Read more…]

专访 YYKit 作者 Ibireme: 开源大牛是怎样炼成的 – 唐巧的技术博客

我们处在一个信息爆炸的时代,每一天都有大量的 iOS 开发文章出现,我们对这些文章如饥似渴,但是很多时候又浅尝辄止。像 ibireme 这样,专心阅读几个开源项目,然后自己动手真正实践,或许才是正确的学习方式。 Source: 专访 YYKit 作者 Ibireme: 开源大牛是怎样炼成的 – 唐巧的技术博客


MarkdownTextView is an iOS framework for adding rich Markdown editing capabilities. Support for Markdown syntax is implemented inside an easily extensible NSTextStorage subclass, with a UITextView subclass being provided for convenience. Source: indragiek/MarkdownTextView


React Native Package Manager built to ease your daily React Native development. Inspired by Cocoapods, fastlane and react-native link it acts as your best friend and guides you through the native unknowns. It aims to work with almost all packages available with no extra configuration required. Source: rnpm/rnpm


Web Debugging Proxy based on Chrome DevTools Network panel. A command line alternative to Charles proxy Source: kdzwinel/betwixt


A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces. A library for creating CLI tools Source: SBoudrias/Inquirer.js