allow an application to perform speech recognition withouth the audio leave the device. Source: tryolabs/TLSphinx

Swift Interview Questions and Answers – Ray Wenderlich

You can use these questions to interview candidates to test their Swift knowledge, or test your own! And if you don’t know the answer, don’t worry: each question has a solution so you can learn. Source: Swift Interview Questions and Answers – Ray Wenderlich

Swift Diff library

The first thing (found in LCS.swift) is an algorithm that solves the Longest Common Subsequence problem. The second thing (found in TableViewDiffCalculator.swift) is, well, a diff calculator for UITableViews. Source: jflinter/Dwifft


Doppelganger – Array diffs as collection view wants it. UITableView. UICollectionView. Array Comparison. Source: Wondermall/Doppelganger