ORB-SLAM Project Webpage

ORB-SLAM is a versatile and accurate SLAM solution for Monocular, Stereo and RGB-D cameras. It is able to compute in real-time the camera trajectory and a sparse 3D reconstruction of the scene in a wide variety of environments, ranging from small hand-held sequences of a desk to a car driven around several city blocks. It … [Read more…]

Options vs. cash

implied value of your option isn’t $1M because investors buy a different class of stock than you get as an employee. Source: Options vs. cash

What is Deep Learning?

When Demis Hassabis opened his lecture at the 2015 CERN Data Science conference with this claim, I blinked in disbelief. Hundreds of brilliant scientists have spent their lives pondering the mysteries of the human eye. How could he make that claim so casually? Determined to prove him wrong, I looked at the latest computer vision … [Read more…]

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning lets us create some really exciting projects in the areas of computer vision, translation, and strategy. Richard Feynman once said, “What I cannot create I do not understand,” and this really plays to our advantage here. Now that we are able to create these projects, they can help us understand puzzles such as … [Read more…]

What is Deep Learning?

The cost of a world-class deep learning expert was about the same as a top NFL quarterback prospect” – Peter Lee (Microsoft Research) Source: What is Deep Learning?

Decoding the Enigma with Recurrent Neural Networks

Decoding the Enigma is interesting, but these days it has no practical use. Modern encryption uses public-key factoring algorithms such as RSA. RSA is a different beast from the Enigma, but in theory we could also decode it with deep learning. In practice, this is difficult because RSA uses modulus and multiplication of large integers. … [Read more…]


《賈躍亭的前世今生》的作者老鄧在創作後記中討論,「為什麽賈躍亭能騙這麽多人?」不是因為賈躍亭厲害,是因為社會健忘,像樂視這樣的騙局,基本十年一次,1990年代有牟其中,2000年有德隆,現在有樂視,但等到下一個賈躍亭出來的時候,還是會有很多人相信「這次不一樣」這就是賈躍亭,羅振宇們憑借一張嘴在中國商界縱橫捭闔的秘訣。 Source: 台灣才有吳清友,我們只有羅振宇|數位時代


我覺得這是投資人為這個社會的淺薄與急功近利估了一個價,一份得到付費專欄平均收費199來計算,也就是說投資人認為中國社會有3500萬人會成為羅輯思維的用戶,按照轉化率10%計算,這意味著它的精神受眾可以達到3.5億人! Source: 台灣才有吳清友,我們只有羅振宇|數位時代

滴滴、软银、阿里云…巨头在用「钱和脚」为东南亚市场投票吗? | 东南亚创投周报_搜狐科技_搜狐网

资方烧钱,主要看重这一场景可以抢夺的入口地位:无论是互联网流量的入口还是在线支付的入口,这背后的想象力甚至可能超出诸如Lazada这种电商带来的想象力。 Source: 滴滴、软银、阿里云…巨头在用「钱和脚」为东南亚市场投票吗? | 东南亚创投周报搜狐科技搜狐网