LevelDB Benchmarks

In order to test LevelDB’s performance, we benchmark it against other well-established database implementations.   LevelDB is fast! Source: LevelDB Benchmarks

Objective-leveldb by matehat

An Objective-C database library built over Google’s LevelDB, a fast embedded key-value store written by Google. Source: Objective-leveldb by matehat

Unreasonable clients

If you reserve your best effort for the irritable boss, the never-pleased client and the bully of a customer, then you’ve bought into a system that rewards the very people who are driving you nuts. It’s no wonder you have clients like that–they get your best work. Source: Seth’s Blog: Unreasonable clients


This is a cool custom transition between two or more UICollectionViewControllers with wave like cell animation. Could be used in e.g. galleries. Source: CezaryKopacz/CKWaveCollectionViewTransition